Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Whoop-Dee-Doo Lee Kennedy-Schaefer!

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Blogger Devil in a red dress named liz said...

Brilliant. You still have this guy beat. Napoleon trumps Harry Potter (isn't he the spittin' image?)
You speak Japanese? I do too:

Fisshu baagaa wa arimasu ka.(Do you have fish burgers?)
Hai, arimasu. (Yes, we do.)
Ikura desu ka. (How much are they?)
350-en desu (350 yen)
Ja, fisshu baagaa o onegai shimasu. (Ok, I'd like a fish burger)
Nomimono wa ikaga desu ka. (How about something to drink?)
Kekkoo desu. (No thanks.)

2:51 PM  
Blogger winnerofthesat said...

Aa! Hisashiburi desu nee!
(Whoa. Wouldn't you agree that it's quite the surprise that you know Japanese?)
Fish burger wa, totemo oishii!
(As far as fish burgers go, they are sooo delicious!)

12:41 PM  
Blogger Devil in a red dress named liz said...

Ee! toku ni sashimi ga suki desu (Yes! I especially like raw fish)
Oyasuminasai (Good night)

7:15 PM  

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