Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The nerve of this Cat!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i must say, my cat sid ( or the bitchy runt mascara, i think it was mascara, cause im pretty sure sids a mommas boy... 'cept he gets more attached to guys than dolls... well anyway.. ) one of my cats used to piss on all my stuff. for real for real. one time, i was at a show, and i couldnt figure out what the hell smelled so bad, then i discovered it was me! my cat had peed all over my jacket un beknownst to me. :-( very true, very sad story.

i would totally bust that slandering cat, not only for you, but for anyone who has trusted a cat and had their belongings fall victim to kitty urination.

xoxo ako

3:54 AM  
Blogger adrock2xander said...

Hey Nate,

you've been linked :O

11:11 AM  

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